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For refinery and chemical carbon-capture projects, Fluor’s proprietary Econamine FG Plus technology provides a proven, cost-effective process for the removal of CO2 from various flue gas streams. Types of applications where CO2 removal can be applied are:

  • Fired Heaters and Steam Generators
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Gas Engines/Turbines
  • Fertilizer and Methanol Plants
  • Sulfur Plants

Depending on the number and location, the CO2 content, and the impurity levels of the sources in a refinery, Fluor can determine the most economical way to capture as much CO2 as desired. Fluor will optimally locate the blowers and absorbers to minimize ducting.

Econamine FG Plus technology benefits include:

  • Specifically designed for removal of CO2 from low-pressure, oxygen-containing flue gas streams
  • Only process with extensive proven operating experience in the removal of CO2 from:
    • High oxygen content flue gases (up to 20% by volume )
    • Low CO2 content flue gases (as low as 3% by volume)
    • Gas turbine exhaust gas (pressure-sensitive source)
  • More than 20 years of experience with more than 25 commercial installations globally

The primary ingredient in the Econamine FG Plus solvent is readily available worldwide and inexpensive.

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