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Econamine FG Plus is a Fluor proprietary, amine-based technology for large-scale, post-combustion CO2 capture.

The Econamine FG Plus technology is one of the first and among the most widely applied commercial solutions that has been proven in operating environments to remove carbon dioxide from high oxygen content flue gases (up to 20% by volume).

The Econamine FG Plus solvent formulation is specially designed to recover CO2 from low-pressure, oxygen-containing streams, such as boiler and reformer stack gas and gas-turbine flue-gas streams.

The CO2 recovered by the Econamine FG Plus process can be tailored to meet the end user's specifications. The CO2 can be compressed for use within a chemical plant, liquefied for transport, compressed to supercritical pressures for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications, or further purified for use in the food and beverage industry.

In addition, Fluor offers a patented flue-gas-conditioning system that removes sulfur dioxide to a very low level and also recovers combustion water for reuse in the power plant.

Fluor continually focuses on improving Econamine FG Plus process technology via solvent and flowsheet enhancements to further lower energy demand.

Some of the significant improvements that differentiate Fluor's Econamine FG Plus process include:

Improvement Benefits
Advanced Solvent Formulation Higher solvent CO2 carrying capacity, higher absorption rate, lower capital cost, and lower energy demand
Absorber Intercooling Overall increased reaction rates, higher solvent CO2 carrying capacity, lower capital costs, and lower energy demand
High Efficiency Reclaiming Lowers solvent losses; reduction of reclaimer waste production and lower handling and disposal costs
Large Diameter Column Design Ability to reduce the number of absorption trains required, thereby lowering capital costs
Lean Vapor Compressor Lowers energy demand by 10 to 12%
Heat Recovery and Integration Lower energy demand and reduced utilities consumption
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